Everything seems to be converging on me at once. There was an element of the notion Brent and I had not considered. Turning 30, procreating ended and sending ALL our kids off to school happening all at once.

We hadn’t anticipated that turning the big 3-0 wasn’t gonna be easy. It’s a birthday one might think…until it happens to you. Until you realize that your notion
has caused you to skip over your carefree 20’s in one fell swoop. Then
the birthday comes and solidifies the truths you’ve known all along and
wouldn’t admit. You’re 30 and you’ve been 30 for awhile.

I also didn’t realize the notion would have me done with the caring-for-baby stage by age 30. I guess I knew
but I didn’t know that I would feel too young to be done. Strange to be
evicted from the circus that is juggling infants and toddlers.

magic number 3 was born when I was 25. Now, at age 30, all of my
littles will be in school. 30 years old, no babies and an empty house
from 8-2? This is gonna take some getting use to.

Ever the
optimist, I’m going to enjoy this. We didn’t have the foresight to
recognize the feelings this transition might bring but we’re forging
ahead and making necessary adjustments as needed.

And I’m starting with my 30th birthday!

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