A Case of The Runs

 I’m on the run!

No, in my pursuit to find myself after turning 30 I didn’t turn to
a life of crime to invigorate myself.

I don’t run. It’s more of a force-my-body-forward jog. I’d like to be a runner but I’m not.

great friend Becky is a runner. She’s a convert to the Church of Running. (If you know a true runner you know what I mean.)

She says her love of food out ways her hate of running so she hits the pavement.  Pretty smart.

Sweet Becky has been encouraging me to start running for a
while now. I never could get into it. Becky knows what buttons to push
with me though. She found a race for us to run together.

She knew the promise of camaraderie wasn’t going to be enough . She made sure this race had everything I’d need to get on board.

 It’s an all women’s race, it’s flat, it’s in a cooler climate, you get
chocolate and a new running shirt at the end. (It’s sounding pretty
good.) The race is in Alameda which is a good distance from where I live
so we’d be forced to make it a little trip.  


Magic words. Becky knows me so well.

nervous about the race. I’m not a runner but I have a new commitment to
finding any excuse for fun. And parts of this sure sound like a good time. Can I
make myself a runner in this short amount of time? We’ll see.

I’ll do a host of things that I thought I’d never do just to get out of town.

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