Aged in a flash

When Brent and I got married we had this interesting notion that we could have all of our children here on this earth with us by age 30. We don’t want what we’d consider a huge family. 3 is the new 5 you know. And 5 is the new 8, in case you hadn’t heard.

Forward we marched with our notion in hand. We’d be young and energetic while our kids were likewise. The extra bonus is having our kids all grown up by our early 40’s. Brilliant!
Here’s the catch:
Did anyone ever tell you how exhausting parenting is? I know, me neither! I moved ever so swiftly from peoples disbelief that I was old enough to be married to there astonished looks at me hugely preggers with 2 daughters ages 4 and 2 in tow. After baby #3 rounded out the family I didn’t seem to make a stir places we’d go. No one seemed to think it odd that I had my little brewed.

Disclaimer to our notion: Having kids makes you old! I know, me neither! I had no idea. Having littles around should keep you young, no? NO. I was 25 when baby #3 was born but I was rocketed to a societal perception of 32-35! That’s right. Partially due to the “mom sense of style” and the wear and tear on the old baby maker but mostly because normal people get married and have a car full of kids in their 30’s.

This revelation is quite new for me. I’m still adjusting. I hope this will act as a warning and wake up call to all and any who are under the same notion. You’ve been warned.

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