I’ve been really busy. I’ve been too busy. I’m getting busier.

I’ve slacked off in areas that really shouldn’t ever be put off. I decided to make it right. I committed to putting things back on my To Do list that need attention. I had a great visit with someone I had been neglecting. I felt great about making time and fitting it all in. It’s the beginning of the month!

(Inserting sound of screeching tires)

I completely forgot that it’s Thursday. Thursday I help in JoJo’s kindergarten classroom.

Not only did I not ‘fit it all in’ I didn’t give notice to the teacher that I wouldn’t be there. Totally left her hanging. What ever will I do with myself? Try try again!

 Remember how I started this blog ’cause I didn’t have any idea what I would do with myself when the littles started school? I’ve come so far, wouldn’t ya say?

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