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A real friend stabs you in the front

  My friend Lisa and I gettin’ our silly on. No. A real friend takes your dead dog for a ride in their car. That’s been my experience. Which made me think about what makes a true friend. The lines … Read more

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I’ve been really busy. I’ve been too busy. I’m getting busier. I’ve slacked off in areas that really shouldn’t ever be put off. I decided to make it right. I committed to putting things back on my To Do list … Read more

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The Hills Are Alive…

The hills are alive with the glory of winter. Mother Nature is decking her halls for the winter season. A gorgeous Fall storm has swept it’s way into the desert. The local news tells of snow in the mountains of … Read more

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Rainy Days

Californians are enjoying some cloudy, rainy weather this week. That’s right. We enjoy it.  We don’t find ourselves covered in snow 9 months out of the year. We spend lovely December days at the park and the beach. When it … Read more

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