Christmas cheer

woman with shoe
Me being weird while shopping. Tis the season!

This season I’ve allowed myself to be smothered.

I’m not sure why or by
what really. Just everything! I didn’t send out Christmas cards or
deliver my Christmas gifts to friends. I didn’t check off ALL of the
lines on my To Do list. But here’s what I did do:

I made choices.

chose to forgo things I’d liked to have done for things it seemed I had
to do.

I had a very hard time feeling the Christmas spirit. I was no
baahumbug mind you, I was just not feelin’ it. During all of the hustle,
bustle and business I decided to remember. I decided to see the
necessity in something I wanted to do. It wasn’t on the list of things that had to be done but it was the most worthwhile things that could be done.

I was returning some table clothes to a cupboard at church I found a
stack of Christmas cards that were to be delivered along with gifts to a
retirement home. The gifts had already been given out but the cards had
been left behind. These cards were time sensitive. I couldn’t hand
out Christmas cards after Christmas! I took the cards with me and put it
on the list of things I’d like to do.

a busy, rainy, cold day filled with errands to be run I found the stack
of cards. I was waiting in the car and going over my list when I saw
the stack sitting next to me. I had a van full of kids and a list a mile
long and all I wanted to do was deliver these cards.

So I did.

I turned
the car on and drove straight to the facility. My kids and brother and I
greeted each resident, wished them a Merry Christmas and left a
card with them.


No one would know if I had just decided to skip
it. Save the cards for next year. But I wanted
to. I was blessed and the recipients were as well. As we left my Grace looked up and said “can we make more cards and come back tomorrow? I
think there were people sleeping and we didn’t get to visit them.”

She’s a girl after my own heart. And I freely give it to her.

It was my most important thing I did that day because I chose it to be important. It was no longer a busy day or a stressful day. It was a wonderful day after that.

I’m always grateful for a mood changer.


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