Everyone says that I’ll get used to being all alone during the day while the kids are at school. I know they’re right but I’m going to be proactive this first week. I don’t want to break down and spend the days crying in my bed, counting the minutes until school gets out. I’ve decided to celebrate!

I love the beginning of the school year. In most places around the country (not here) it ushers in Autumn which is my absolute favorite time of year. I feel very connected to and poetic about Autumn this year. It’s a time of significant change. Shedding, making way for the new. I can relate.

What better way to distract myself from such unpleasantness as being all alone for the first time in 9 1/2 years than to have a party?! Okay, a small gathering. A Back to School Breakfast to be exact. I love spending time with great people and it just so happens that my friends are great people. Imagine that! One of those great friends is undergoing a great challenge at the moment. Oh the things we endure to bring children to this world. So difficult and so worth it.

We gather at sweet Rachel’s house to share a decadent breakfast of homemade donuts, fritters and meaty, creamy pastry variation by the name of Beef Wellington (breakfast style.) We need to get as many calories into Rachel as possible and we were doing our best to serve. I over stayed my welcome as always and then headed out to do a bit of errands and work around the house and then it was time to pick up the littles from school.

I made it! I survived! Which is good because I have 12 more years to go. And I need to start preparing for them actually leaving for good. No. Stop. Not gonna think such thinks.

 What else can I distract myself with?

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