Finding THE ONE

I had spent hours upon hours looking at houses online and had narrowed my choices pretty well. We headed to the Century 21 office to get a realtor’s help in viewing all the properties. My specification were a minimum of 3 bedrooms, a price range no higher than $2300 a month, and ON THE WATER.

This area is surround by water. Lakes, streams, the Potomac river, the Chesapeake Bay; the list is lengthy. I am keenly aware that this may be the only time in my life that I’ll be able to live ON water. I’m not missing this opportunity.

Over the course of the week we drove around the area trying to get a feel for neighborhoods, visited schools and looked at houses.

It came down to two:

This is the Stephenson house.

It’s rural and a 20 minute drive to school and a 35 minute drive to Brent’s base. The house was a bit run down and out dated. But that photo right there? That is why it was a contender.

dock, Marylandhouse, Maryland

It has it’s own pier with boat lift, station for cleaning fish and two benches at the end of the pier perfect for sitting on while I finish writing my book as the kids jump off about a million times.

I spent weeks staring at this view online. it was surreal to see it in person. I’m in love. The view is absolutely dreamy.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Enter the Surfside house:

Town house, Maryland
The end unit on the left


Beach, Chesapeake Bay
view from the back patio

This one had the down side of being a townhouse and not zoned for the best schools. What it does have is a pond right out back, plenty of grass to play on, a 10 minute commute for each of us, a wrap around porch and the Chesapeake Bay beach about 50 feet from my door. It’s also HUGE. 4 floors tall.

Brent and I’s first priority is the kids welfare. We prayed and toured and asked strangers on the street. What we came up with is this: these schools aren’t bad they’re simply more diverse. Some people were prejudiced against the economically disadvantaged students. Not us. We’ve been attending a “diverse” school for years and prefer the opportunities it brings for worthwhile service even if it can present challenges as well. While we preferred other schools that we visited we still felt like things would be okay for us right here.

This is a wonderful, quiet neighborhood tucked away near the water. It’s a really quick drive for Brent and avoids the traffic that builds up at rush hours. There are walking trails and playgrounds nearby but the real attraction is the water. There are gorgeous views from almost every room. I expect the kids will be kept very entertained this summer.

I must say it is only through my persistence that we found this gem. I had stared at this one for hours online as well. The real estate agent said it wasn’t listed anymore so we went to see some other listings in the same neighborhood but they turned out to be less than desirable. I noticed as we walked by that there was a lock box on the front door knob. I pressed her to please investigate what the status was. A few hours later I got a call that said it was in fact still available but wasn’t showing up on her lists.

It was meant to be.



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