Freedom in Action

I didn’t walk miles and wait hours for the opportunity to have my voice heard. I haven’t waited my entire life to be a part of a democratic government only to have the election be a rigged sham only for show. I didn’t go to great lengths to cast my ballot just to find that my opinion doesn’t really count.

 I didn’t research each initiative and elected officials available seat as well as I should have. I didn’t vote for anyone just because of their political party.

I voted

I explained Democracy to my kids today and demonstrated it to myself as well. I felt the joy it can be to have a say in what happens around you and to you.

 I felt the immeasurable significance of what this seemingly simple act must have meant to my fore sisters of the Women’s Suffrage.

 I realized my great grandmother was a wife and mother of several children before she and all other women were seen as worthy of opinion.

 I invoked one of the great blessings bestowed upon each of us as God’s children.

 I made a choice.

 What a terrific way to start my favorite month. A month dedicated to gratitude. I’m grateful for choice.

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