Peter Pan Complex

I have a little issue with getting older. The first fork I’ve come to
in entering this new phase of life is my 30th birthday. I was lamenting
the 20 something years being passed and gone. I was turning 30 and that
means I’m old.

I thought about having a policy to only be friends with
people older than me because I like being the young one of the group.
That wouldn’t work. I’d miss out on so many opportunities to learn and
grow from and with great people if I did that.

So here’s my plan for thwarting the elderly status. Roller coasters.

Not just any roller coasters. I’ve decided to go to the scariest, most thrilling, death defying amusement park you can imagine. Magic Mountain! And it’s gonna work it’s magic on me.

birthday will not slip in and out of my life leaving it’s wake of
destruction to my ego and self perception without a revolt! I gathered
good girlfriends with a hankering for danger and a day away from littles
and we headed out for our adventure.

A day away means
anonymity. No one places a judgment on my age based on how many littles I
have in tow. I’m merely one of a group of crazy ladies running from
thrill to thrill having a great time.

There were
moments to show our age I suppose. Small things like stopping to use a breast pump, making phone
calls home and buying souvenirs for the littles. Not to mention my sweet
friend who occasionally blacks out when the rides hit too much G force. Other than that though…

and then on that momentous birthday I made a conscience decision to
never pass quietly into the night that is our growing older. I’m not old!
I’m young and I’m gonna enjoy every moment of this new phase of life. There is
much fun to be had and I’m gonna think of every excuse to have it.

My age doesn’t matter. How I choose to move forward in life does.

No numbers gonna tell me how to feel. Except maybe the scale…I’ll work on that next.



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