House Hunting

During Brent’s parents visit with us we enjoyed lots of help with projects around the house
and in the yard to prepare for renters, Ana Maria gave Joey a haircut and we had an early Christmas.

hair cut


Opening Christmas presents early!!


girl smiling, gloves
Prepared for the east coast

Brent and I needed to find a place to live in Maryland for 2014. I’ve been scouring the internet for listings over the last few months and narrowed things down a bit but the spectrum of homes is immense.

I’ve seen town homes, single family homes, apartments; all in the $2000 range.

We’ve gotten information about neighborhoods from Brent’s professional contacts there and it only made the decision harder from 3000 miles away.

I was ecstatic to find out that Brent was approved for a house hunting trip. Even happier when his mom agreed to stay at our house in Ridgecrest with the kids so I could tag-along.

I happily cashed in frequent flier miles for my ticket to Washington D.C.

Brent’s parents had spent Thanksgiving with us so his mom extended her stay and we drove his dad down to L.A. with us to catch his flight.

Brent and I stayed at a hotel near LAX the first night and caught an early morning flight the next day. We were excited about what will most likely be our only real alone time together for the next year.

airplane cabin, couple smiling
On the plane!


airplane wing

I was pleasantly surprised at how anxiety free my flying experience was. I was happy to be headed off on another adventure; this time with my favorite guy by my side.

After we landed in Washington D.C. we grabbed our rental car and headed to the Melting Pot for a rare occasion of fancy dining. Well, it’s fancy for us.

melting pot dinner


melting pot fondue
I dream of this chocolate


melting pot dinner, fondue
My cute date

After a deliciously indulgent fondue dinner we took a quick driving tour of the National Mall monuments. It was so beautiful all lit up at night. It was getting late so we made the 1 and 1/2 hour trip to Lexington Park, MD. Our new hometown for the next year!


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