I have a dream

I’m sitting in my courtyard on a comfy couch with my feet up on the furniture. Brent helped Grace make muffins and I’m going to help them deliver them to our sweet widowed neighbor. It’s a great evening.

some reason this moment reminds me of a conversation we had in Sunday
School recently. I think we were talking about good works or service or
balance, something along those lines. I remember saying ” It’s my
absolute dream to be independently wealthy. Swimming in so much money
that I can dispose of it as I see fit. Find and contribute to wonderful
charities and start charities of my own.”

 I dream of being a

I thought this was a common goal of the
masses but I was off base. Most people in the class were surprised by a
dream like this. Maybe they were surprised that this was MY
dream. I’m a very unlikely candidate to reach philanthropy. That must
be more obvious to others than I realized. This fact won’t change my
dream at all. I know God judges by the desires of the heart and I do
too. If that’s all my dream ever amounts too? It’s enough.

my classmates have more realistic, attainable dreams. I have those too.
That’s why this little scene of my life tonight brought to mind my
dreams. Big and small.

It’s a dream come true to sit in
this little place surrounded by people I love and who love me back. To
watch Grace teach Joey how to ride a two-wheeler on our sandy drive way.
It’s small, ordinary. It’s glorious.

 I have a dream. It’s big and it’s stayin’.

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