Little things

I love how little things can be marvelous!

Like this morning. I’ve noticed that my early rising littles
have slept in the last few mornings. I correlate this phenomenon with
Daylight Saving Time.

Every season my children’s sleep patterns start to
change just before the time does. The whole idea is weird and

Why would a child who usually wakes at 6am
start to wake at 7am?

There haven’t been any causes for the change. I’ll
tell you why.

Because God loves me!

Come Sunday when all of us (except
Arizona who is too good to be bothered) move our clocks back an hour it
won’t seem like much of a change for me because my littles will still be
waking up at 6am. Without this slow movement to waking up at 7am I
would be burdened with littles tapping on my forehead at 5am!

like all things I don’t understand, I’m giving it to God. He’s behind
it all anyways. Even if there is a logical explanation, he’s behind the

 Marvelous I say. Marvelous!

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