It Happened

They say this is their rock star look. They all have guitars on their shirts.

They left!

All of this anticipation and woe and they just left. Walked off.  Happy as all get out to head off to school.

 I’m supposed to be happy about this. I work hard to help my kids see school as an exciting privilege.

Couldn’t they miss me a little?

Nope. I’m gonna be excited for them and wait patiently for the school day to end so I can hear all about the fun.

I’ve decide and so it will be.

I didn’t shed any tears. My heart was nearing explosive levels of excitement and joy for each of my littles. But no tears! I think tears in the past have been about regret.

 Regretting the quality time I didn’t spend with my kids when I could have. Knowing that I could’ve done better but now, even if I wanted too, I couldn’t get that time back. No tears this time because I choose to find joy in this journey.

Change is alright. It can even be great once in a while.

So here I am at another fork in my road. Now What?

I’ll be the one
outside the school with my face pressed against the fence waiting to see those sweet faces. (It’s o.k. I’m a mom not a pervert)

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