Johnson City, TN

We didn’t anticipate much in the way of attractions to see on the rest of the trip.


Though, I was really tempted to spend a day at Dollywood.
I’m a sucker for amusement parks and what’s not love about Ms.Parton?
Alas, we just needed to keep truckin’.
We did make our own fun though.
     Doesn’t Joey look the cutest with that hat on?
He wanted to wash the car windows at one of our gas stops.
                                                I wanted to pass a dollar bill out the window.
 As we drove down the highway we spotted a huge Christmas light display and went to investigate.
Turned out to have a little carnival going along with it.
 So, as a special we’ve-been-stuck-in-the-car-all-day treat we fed and rode camels.
A very nice experience at Christmas time.
girl smiling, camel, road trip
riding a camel, road tripriding a camel, road trip
riding a camel, road trip
 We made it to Johnson City, TN late that night.
Thanks to Yelp we found this great restaurant that is housed in a 100 year old house,
makes all their own sauce, dough, and meat for true hippie pizza,
and has a collection of vinyl to thumb through.
Scratch!    A great find.
Seriously, the girls running the place look like they just stepped off the Lilith Fair stage.
I need a place like this in every town I visit, please.
And while I’m at it I’ll wish for one in Ridgecrest.
It was cool to play a Beatles record.
I even got to finally drink an Orangina.
Years ago I heard it mentioned in an episode of Frazier but I’ve never come across it in real life.
It wasn’t great, but now I know.
Little things like that make even an ordinary day an ADVENTURE.

pizza place, scratch, johnson city tennessee, man smilingscratch, pizza place, johnson city tennessee, woman smiling

scratch, johnson city tennessee, pizza

scratch, johnson city tennessee

                                                     **  3,567 miles traveled **




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