Lexington Park, MD



Our last day on the road could only be sufficiently described with the dramatic words of a beloved musical:

One more dawn. One more day.
One day more!

I know our drive across the country doesn’t hold a candle to the
struggle of the French revolution but Brent gave me the Les Mis soundtrack
for Christmas and we’ve been listening to it the past few days in the car.
We pulled out of Johnson City, TN enjoying the yummy treats given to us by the clerk at the desk of yet another good ol’ Hampton Inn.
We drove and drove and… not much else happened.
I like to avoid driving on the drunken holidays.
New Year’s Eve especially.
We booked it to our new little town as best we could.
Once, we arrived in Lexington Park we decided to take the family out to Olive Garden for a New Year’s Eve celebratory dinner.
We were 9 days into travel.
We didn’t smell good, look good, and not all of us were wearing underwear.
It was wild.

We are SO glad to be done with the car.

Back at the Hilton Garden Inn we cleaned up and decorated gingerbread men gifted to us by Brent’s mom.
Then we snuggled in to bed together.
The kids picked Teen Beach Movie to watch.
The songs are VERY catchy.
gingerbread man, new years eve

Brent and Joey fell asleep but the girls and I popped some Martinelli’s and enjoyed watching fireworks out the window ringing in the New Year together.

gingerbread man, new years eve

It’s definitely going to be a year to remember.

Happy New Year!

** 3,922 miles traveled **




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