I’m sure there are plenty of amazing things to do in Nashville but I don’t know them all.
 Things that I’d like to do:
*Ride the row -drive past the offices of major record labels
 *Vintage shopping at The Hip Zipper
*Visit the Parthenon-a full-size replica at a Nashville park
The one thing I absolutely had my heart set on doing is visiting the Bluebird Cafe.
It’s been a dream of mine for a while now to sit in this historic place, noshing and listening,
as songwriters sing their hearts out
It’s amazing to hear artists share their work.
It’s vulnerable and exciting.
The one thing we got to do…
get a new tire.
Super lame.
It was crazy cold.
Sonic was the only food in walking distance.
We ordered in the frigid wind and ate in the waiting room of Discount Tire.
I was trying really hard not to be disappointed.

The Bluebird and all the other Nashville sites will have to stay on my To Do list.

3,184 miles traveled.


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