Nope. Not me. I just look it. Brent
went shopping and found a couple things for ME. So sweet and so rare
that a guy would want to pick out clothes for a woman that could
actually be worn outside the bedroom.

He’s great that way.

 Problem is
that one shirt he purchased was an empire waist-ed job and I looked
preggers in it. It will promptly be returned.

I actually look pretty good when I’m pregnant. I have an excuse for the protruding belly when I’m pregnant. I remember when I was pregnant with Joey and first moved to Ridgecrest,
everyone said what a cute pregnant girl I was. I’d just smile and say, “I’m glad you
think so because I look like this after the baby too.”

 I don’t want to
look pregnant when I’m not.

Grace keeps telling me I have a baby in my stomach. It escalated to “you need
to go to the hospital and get your baby out.” Girl, if only it were
that easy. Childbirth is far from “easy” but if I could have 1 day of
labor and delivery and be the proud ex-parent of my belly….I’d do it.

hoping all of this running will help shed some poundage. I’m still
running my little hiney off.

If that could be a literal statement it
would all be worth it. I’m envisioning me running down the roads of
town, fat falling to the ground. The pounds would be fleeing from my
body as if they needed to escape from the torture that exercise must be
to them.

Fat cells would simply shrivel up into nonexistence. If only…

not pregnant. But if you ask when I’m due I’ll say December to spare
your embarrassment. You can just wonder why the baby never seems to be

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