NYC Day #2


Ready for Day 2 NYC!!

On day 2 we enjoyed our complimentary full breakfast at the hotel and stocked our backpack with snacks for later as well.


Great tip:
We always make free breakfast a BIG meal and take a little snack from
breakfast with us for later as well.
Hampton Inn is especially good for this since you help yourself to breakfast instead of table service.
I’m not saying I shove Eggs Benedict and bacon in my purse.
I’m just suggesting you do as I do and grab an extra piece of whole fruit and a yogurt.
A morning cup of hot chocolate or tea to-go and we’re off.
Our first stop is Central Park.
Since the park was a bit of a walk from the hotel we took our first subway ride.
Another note:
Subway fare is $2.50 per person
Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways
and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult.
Makes the Subway that much more affordable.
 As we headed into the park it started to lightly snow.
There were lots of people out for Saturday morning runs.
We loved seeing the bridges and the Jackie Onassis Reservoir.
The snow didn’t relent so we ducked in to Belvedere Castle.
Look kids! The bridge from Enchanted! (Not really)
Not so sure about the snow crashing my party
View from atop Belvedere Castle
Katie at Belvedere Castle
The snow was too heavy to stay outdoors so we headed across the street
to the Natural History museum.
We had just been to the Natural History museum in D.C. the weekend before
so I wasn’t super excited to spend a New York minute in another one.
We were just hiding out and warming up until the snow passed.
Great tip:
The museum has a recommended donation price per person but you can pay whatever you want.
They suggested we pay $90 for our family of five.
A little steep for a pit stop.
I think we paid $10-$20
They have a great Space section.
Brent particularly enjoyed the exhibit
It’s a photography display of images taken during the Apollo space missions.
It really is incredible.
The images are available in a photography book which is now out of print.
Brent liked the exhibit so much that I tracked down a copy online to give him as a gift.
We jetted through the rest of the museum hitting all the best stuff: dinosaur bones, sea life, mummies,
and of course I endured more ROCKS!
The kids had a lot of questions and comments about all of the naked bodies in the Early Man section.
“Why are all of these monkeys naked?”
“Did I used to be a monkey?”
“Why don’t they cover his privates?”
“Why do they think we want to see that?”
Be prepared if you have kids of a particular age.
Katie’s gem of a photo bomb
The skies cleared quickly so we headed out and hit the food truck outside the museum and park for an authentic New York City street dog and pretzel.
It was really terrible.
Both were dry and tough.
 I should have had the lamb.
All apart of the experience.
Bucket list: CHECK
Bethesda Fountain was a beautiful site even on this cold, wintery day.
There’s a big push to restore the fountain.
 Our kids joined the throng of other
littles climbing in side to explore.
“Look guys! The fountain from Enchanted!”
My best Jazelle impression
 Bethesda Terrace is gorgeous.
My favorite!
There was a women singing Ave Maria and it was just magical.
The kids really enjoyed chasing bubbles in the park.
There was a great bubble guy.
Crazy huge bubble chains to run after and pop.
We thought we’d give New York another try at the hot dog.
This time we walked a few blocks up to the famous Gray’s Papaya.
The place is tiny and packed full of people. Standing room only.
Would be a great place to grab a couple dogs and nosh while you walk the streets.
Since we were still avoiding the cold we bellied up to a counter.
It was better than a street dog for sure.
Still not a home run.
I don’t like papaya or milky drinks a la Orange Julius,
so I wasn’t a fan of the drink.
Tasty and warm coupled with eating next to an enraged paranoid schizophrenic man
who hadn’t bathed since 1998 made it a quintessential NYC experience.
I’d do it again.
And I recommend it to everyone at least once.
Gray’s Papaya


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    I was so glad we found out about the "recommended" price! Saved a bundle! If you're there for more days you can get an unlimited pass for the subway. We payed at the beginning of our stay and got on and off as many times as we need to.

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