NYC Day 3

 The kids top request for our NYC trip was to go ice skating.

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center is on my bucket list.


But the price is crazy.
 Not too crazy for one person to scratch an item off their bucket list
but a little much for gambling with whether the kids would actually
enjoy skating and not just be over it after 15 minutes.
My friend Rebekah lives in NYC and had recommended
Admission is free and skate rental is $15.
So, in favor of the budget we opted to head there on Sunday morning.
 Bucket list will have to wait.
New York city, ice rink, woman and boy smiling
Bryant Park Ice Rink
New York City, ice rink, boy smiling
That smile!
young girls smiling, ice skating, New York City
They love it!
We all loved it
We could have spent the entire day at the rink.
It was surreal to be gliding around on the ice
surrounded by towering buildings.
Bryant Park is adjacent to the New York Public Library
(which is gorgeous ) and has views of the Chrysler building.

It was the stuff dreams are made of.

**Wear comfortable, thick, long socks.
By the end, our virgin legs were rubbed raw from the pressure points
of the skates pressing into our shins.**


New York city streets, young girl smiling
Grace found here building
We always love to point out when we see the word Grace.
Hymns, buildings, churches.
It’s fun for Grace to see her name used so frequently.
I wouldn’t know the feeling.
The curse of the unusual name.
We spent the rest of our day laying eyes on the cities most famous buildings.
Empire stat building interior, kids smiling
Lobby of Empire States building
empire state building interior
Empire State building
New York City building, Family smiling
Empire States building from a distance
New York city buildings, family smiling, flat iron building
The Flat Iron
flat iron building, New York city streets, family smiling
Flat iron
I’m a sucker for churches.
I absolutely L-O-V-E places of worship.
So when we were leaving the city and I spotted this priest holding service
and providing communion in park my heart skipped a beat.
New York city park, priest giving sacrament in park
Church in the park
 I don’t know if I could live in NYC long term but I’m thinking of
adding “live in NYC”
to my bucket list.
Until we meet again NYC.
New York city, woman driving smiling,
Driving NYC streets



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