Rainy Days

Californians are enjoying some cloudy, rainy weather this week. That’s right. We enjoy it.

 We don’t find ourselves covered in snow 9 months out of the year. We spend lovely December days at the park and the beach.

When it rains it’s a treat. I live in the Mojave desert so it exceeds treat when the drops descend. I drag out my “cold” weather clothes and switch from flip flops to boots.

The littles bundle up and head out to hunt for puddles. The rain is ever fleeting. Soon the sun will breakthrough the clouds and dry up the earth as well as our hopes for the feeling of changing seasons.

 I would never suggest that our friends in Minnesota should feel the least bit of sympathy for sunny Californians but I hope they find joy and see the beauty in the nature around them.

The closest we get is a little glimpse of Seattle winter and soon you’ll find us sporting over sized shades and remembering the sunscreen.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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