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Remington Hot Springs is less than an hour from my little, desert town so it’s been on the list of “must-do-day-trips” for a while. I’m so glad we finally made time to discover this little wonder on the Kern River and you’ll be glad you did too.

We started our Saturday morning with a couple of service opportunities. I was up before dawn and enjoyed yet another desert sunrise on my way to our Wal-Mart. Our local Altrusa chapter organized a KidSpree shopping opportunity where local kids in need are matched with a volunteer who shops with them for needed items. This was my first time volunteering for KidSpree and I HIGHLY recommend it. It was so fun to help a grateful 9-year-old boy shop for what he loved and needed. to find organizations looking for volunteers in your area check out

While I was at KidSpree, Brent and the kids were busy cleaning up trash along the road near our junior high school. After an hour of garbage pick up the kids had gathered 4 bags of trash, 1 text from a concerned friend who had seen them and wondered if “they were alright” and $12. Seriously! It’s so windy here even the money gets blown around and stuck in bushes. The kids bought breakfast at McDonald’s with their findings.

Then it was time for Remington Hot Springs!

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In the afternoon we headed up highway 178 and enjoyed the desert fall foliage. Shrubs with yellow blooms covered the desert floor and the muted green Joshua trees, with their Dr. Seuss like quality, added a whimsical feel to the landscape. As we got closer to the lake and river yellow, leafy trees and large, grassy farm areas revealed themselves along the road.That’s all the fall colors we’ll get around here but I’ll take it. As we drove passed Lake Isabella the water was smooth and glassy and made me wish we had brought the kayak.

We followed the highway along the Kern river for a few miles and turned off on Kern Canyon Road toward the hot springs. Google Maps directions worked just fine. There are two dirt parking lots at the trailhead. Drive carefully and watch for boulders and uneven ground. There were some places where cars could possibly get damaged if not avoided.

stone steps, remington hot springs, kern river, paw print,
These paw prints and footprints and charms set in the stone are cool.

The hike down to Remington Hot Springs is around 1/4 mile but is steep. The trailhead is to the right of the parking lots. Look for typical forest service fencing and you’ll know you’ve found the right start. We took a trail that lead to the left a bit and it ended up being a scramble in soft dirt most of the way. Wrong trail for sure. Though it did lead to a section of the river where some campers had setup camp and were using a pulley system to aid in jumping in the Kern river without being swept away by the strong current. Looked fun! The real trail will drop you straight into stairs that lead to the hot springs.

stone steps, remington hot springs, kern river

There are 4 pools. You’ll pass a small, secluded pool on your way down to the river. Perfect spot for two people to lounge with only the occasional interruptions from hikers passing. Just down from there you’ll find the remaining 3 pools situated on the river bank. It’s gorgeous! The Kern river rushes by and the fall leaves were beautiful when we were there. The first pool is the size of a bathtub and has the highest temperature, much like a jacuzzi. That pool feeds the next pool, which is larger, and that pool feeds the next which is the largest. The temperature decreases in each pool as the hot water from the spring is exposed to the air and the pools get closer to the river.

hot spring pools of water, kern river, california, fall colors,


We spent most of our time in the largest and coolest pool. It was awesome to float in the clear water like a warm bath and look out at the Kern river. I laid on my stomach across the rock edge of the pool and waved my hands through the icy current of the river while the rest of me soaked in the warm sulphur water. It was peaceful and relaxing.

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My only cautions:

-Weekends will be more crowded of course. We were there on Saturday and there were maybe 10 other people at the pools. So it’s not Disneyland busy, but plan on company.

-There was a group of “homeless” guys hanging at the pools who obviously live in the woods near here. People were drinking and the conversation was getting a little boisterous. When people started sparking up a bowl we packed up and left. Smoking weed is not our scene.

– I was totally fine being at the springs with my family but I personally, after having been there, wouldn’t head out to the hot springs on my own. A man might be just fine, but women should always (unfortunately) avoid being alone in a secluded area with strangers where drugs and alcohol are being consumed.

Remington Hot Springs is a must when visiting Kern river. It’s quickly become an area favorite for me. We stopped and had a little pizza party on the shore of Lake Isabella on the way home. Beautiful fall sunsets did not disappoint.

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Have you visited any hot springs? Remington Hot Springs, Ca? Another? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy travels!



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    We’ve never been. Need to add it to our list!

    1. Ronelle Cannon at

      It really was a cool little adventure. Let me know how you like it.

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