Adventure # 5- The Runaway


I ran away this weekend.

All by myself. I drove a car (not a minivan) to

I visited a museum that my family would tolerate but I loved. I
teared up in while touring the photography exhibit and I didn’t have to
defend myself to anyone or judge them for not being affected as I was.

got sick. I deviated from my plan.

LIfe guard stand california beach, colorful

I got lost. I drove around a lot. I
chose to look at it as a driving tour of L.A. because I accidentally saw
a lot of interesting places.

I ate Mediterranean food. Yum!

I slept in a
hotel room all alone. I woke up every hour during the night. Miserable.

visited The Grove a.k.a Disneyland for those in need of retail therapy. Seriously, music in the
streets and a trolley to boot. I wandered around shops. I gasped at
price tags. I bought cute clothes (across the street.)

I perused a book
store that had a one eyed cat sleeping on the counter. Reminded me of
our local airport.

woman with umbrells, sunny, smiling
The Getty Museum

I took my time. It was very quiet. I
don’t think it suits me. I had fun. I did a lot of things I’ve never
done before and learned a lot about myself.

I’m glad I was a runaway but
only for a day.

There’s no place like home.




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