Simple Blessings

I’ve had a terrific weekend. I had a rough week while Brent was out
of town on business and it left me in a terrible mood even after he
returned home.

Listening to wonderful words of spiritual enlightenment
at a Women’s Conference and at church on Sunday chased that funk away
quickly. I’m so grateful for how quickly the spirit can change a persons

It didn’t hurt that Grace passed me a picture
she drew during Sacrament meeting that showed her standing with Jesus
and Heavenly Father. Melts my heart. Especially since she had had an
awful morning and decided to “start my day over Mom.” So wise!

 Plus Joey
covered me in kisses and declared “I wanna marry you mom.”

Of course, I
explained that I was taken and he asked “will you be alive when I get
married to someone else?”
Deep question!

 I decided on an optimistic
answer of “yep” and God willing I will be. Many many years from now.

not ready to share that kid quite yet.

 Let’s hope I can keep this refreshed feeling all week!

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