Sunday Mornings

My kids are the cutest. They really are.

young girl, pancakes

As much as I’ve dreaded having my kids grow up I must admit, it has it’s advantages. No diapers, no constant counting heads, no car seats, no diapers. (It’s worth saying twice.)

A new awesomeness that has evolved is Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

Brent and I stay in bed late on Sundays since we have afternoon church. Breakfast in bed made by our kids used to be comprised of cereal and juice. Lately, they’ve upped their game.

Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite. They make an appearance every Sunday now. We ran out of pancake mix one week and still the pancakes found there way to my bed.

“I thought we were out of mix?” I questioned the kids.
“We are. I looked up a recipe in a cookbook and made them from scratch,” says Katie matter-of-factly. I was so PROUD.

Oh the JOY of a twelve or ten or eight year old.

They all love to make pancakes and eggs. We need to expand their repertoire and I’ll never cook again!

making pancakes
Brent gives egg lessons



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