The Farm- Mermet,Il

Memphis was a short dinner stop not a sleepover.


We booked it another 3 hours in the rain to Paducah, KY
We wanted to be there in time for a baptism on Sunday morning.
Brent grew up spending summers on the farm with his grandparents, the Jaramillos, and his cousins the Schmidt boys.
A welcome reprieve from a hot Tucson desert and a house full of sisters.
We were happy to arrive on a Sunday when Brent’s cousin Carl was baptizing their new son.
We enjoyed a beautiful mass with Brent’s extended family.
After church we all had a delicious lunch at the farm.
The rope swing is still there for carefree enjoyment.
Though the Schmidt boys said they wouldn’t trust it to hold them anymore.
farm, tree swingfarm, tree swingfarm, tree swing

Cousin Michael was nice enough to pack the kids into the back of the Rhino for a ride around the farm.
When he first offered to give them a ride in the rhino, I think my kids thought maybe they had a real rhinoceros. This being a farm and all.

farm, off-road vehicle, boys smiling


Luckily as we were driving east Brent’s cousin Daniel was driving west and
we were at the farm on the same day.
Brent and Daniel hadn’t seen each other since they were teenagers
Almost 20 years.


family smiling, farm, illinois
man and girl smiling, farm, illinois
Katie and her Great Grandpa Frank

Grandma always had treats for the kids and put them to work cracking walnuts for the wild birds in her yard.
The kids loved it.

farm, kids, illinois


woman smiling, farm, illinois
Grandma Dinah

We pulled in to Paducah after midnight and got up bright and early to make it to morning mass.
By dinner time Katie passed out on Aunt Gloria and Uncle Ben’s couch.
It’s been a long trip.

In the afternoon, we visited each of the Schmidt boys homes.
They all built or bought homes on their parents farm.
Carl just finished building a log cabin.
It’s so idyllic.
I wish we could do that.


kids smiling, dinner, farm

It’s so fun to visit the farm.
We hope to be able to bring the kids back during the summer months and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone when we travel back west.

**3,026 miles traveled**






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