The Hills Are Alive…

The hills are alive with the glory of winter. Mother Nature is decking her halls for the winter season. A gorgeous Fall storm has swept it’s way into the desert. The local news tells of snow in the mountains of California and Utah and continuing eastward. Here in the desert our Fall storm system manifests itself as an array of clouds decorating the sky as far as the eye can see. A few dark grey with moisture but mostly varying forms of white blocking out the bright sun.

Yes, a storm in our desert comes in the form of a light filter accompanied by a chill in the air and a sweet wind that rattles the leaves free from the trees. The nearby mountains are dusted with snow like Mother Nature’s finishing powdered sugar atop a dessert she’s prepared for a holiday gathering. I’m glad I’m invited to the party. It’s the only memo nature can conjure up to let it’s desert dwellers know Fall is here and change is coming. Mother Nature isn’t relying on weather dot com.

I love Fall and Winter. I love Spring and Summer too but this time of year lends itself to snuggling in bed, sitting by lovely warm fires and delicious clothes. Socks and fuzzy PJs, sweaters and knee high boots. Jeans and scarves and beanies. And of coarse the cookies! Warm scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. Nothing warms the soul like a Sunday filled with spiritual enlightenment combined with all of the above. Happy day!

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