The Other Man


I had a super cute guy ask me out on a date.
Joey was a very fun guy to go out on the town with. He chose to take me bowling. We had a yummy dinner at the bowling alley. Hamburger, hot dog, fries, onion rings, what more could a girl ask for? We had a lively game of bowling. He bowled for me most of the time, showing me how it’s done.

smiles, onion rings,

Joey was excited to play games in the arcade. We finished up our bowling and food and were getting ready to hit the arcade when Joey had to rush to the restroom. ALERT ALERT I can say that this was a part of the date I’d never experienced before. I’m glad most my dates don’t get diarrhea unexpectedly and need help cleaning out their pants. I’ve had some bad dates but…

We skipped the arcade but promised to return soon to finish off the date right. I drove the 15 minutes home and found Joey

fast asleep in the car. That’s gotta be a sign of a good date. I think he was trying to say “you’re a “knock out.” And I am and he is a terrific date.

sleeping boy in car

I’m dating this cute guy who poops his pants sometimes and I’m gonna miss having him around all day.


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