Time Flies

said that I would find things to do with my time once the kids were in

 I was sceptical but I was proven wrong.

I need more

 How is that possible? After dropping the littles off at school I
have 6 entire hours to myself. I envisioned a sparkling clean house that
barely needed tending to because I’d have it all taken care of whilst
the littles were away. That has yet to happen.

what my days generally look like:

I do the usual get up and go routine
with the kids as well as a neighbors daughter whom I drop off at school.

I drive my brother the 25 minute distance to community college.

 I shop
for groceries and run other miscellaneous errands that need doing for
home, church, and the littles school.

 I hit the gym for an hour and a

 At home I check various emails and blogs etc..

I do any
preparations for activities I’m in charge of that week including and not
limited to Youth Group at church (Mutual night).

 I’m also PTO President
for our elementary school which requires some thought, research and

 I might have time to fold some laundry or do a dish or two
and then it’s time to pick up the littles from school.

feel foolish in thinking that I’d have hours during my days that would
be filled with stagnant loneliness with out my sweet littles at home to
keep me busy. I’ve got a lot to do all on my own. Just being the
supporting role in this family is a full time job. It’s a job I enjoy
and hope to find a good time management method for in the very near

One of my fav movie quotes that I use to think was ridiculous- “I am
CEO of this household…” Alright, I get it. (from the movie One Fine Day)
And it really is.

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